2nd IEEE EMBS Summer School on Emerging Technologies and Applications in Telemedicine


The Smolenice castle is towered above the village of Smolenice on the eastern footfills of Small Carpatian (Male Karpaty) and it is owned by Slovak Academy of Sciences as representative congress centre.

Smolenice is a village in the west of Slovakia, located about 60 km from the capital city Bratislava in north-east direction. The first written documents about the existence of Smolenice are dated to the 13th century.

Stefan Banic, the founder of the paraschute, was born in Smolenice and he has been buried in his native town too. Before the First World War many inhabitans moved to America for work, inbetween them was Stefan Banic. He worked in the town Grenwille. There he constructed the prototype of paraschute and he tested him personally by jumping from the scycraper. In 1914 he got Patent certificate, but after 17 years he sold it for couple dollars to American Army and moved back to the Smolenice.

The Molpir museum is located in the Smolenice village. In its exhibitions, there are the archeological excavations of the ancient settlement Molpir, the prehistoric Celtic village.

More details on venue of the summer school can be found here.

You can also take a virtual tour of Smolenice Castle.


Directions to the Venue

for participants traveling by plane the best connection is to Vienna airport from where organizers will provide free shuttle lines to the venue.

Another possibility is to take train or bus to Bratislava. Pick up points will be arranged on Bratislava’s main train and bus station.

Shuttles’ departure schedules will be posted here during July and will be arranged according to the arrivals of participants.

More information about the capital city of Slovakia can be found on these pages.


Accommodation in the castle:

16.8. - 22.8.2015

Smolenice castle
Slovak republic