2nd IEEE EMBS Summer School on Emerging Technologies and Applications in Telemedicine

Topics Covered by the Summer School

  • Pervasive, intelligent, and context-aware Body Sensor Networks (BSN)
  • Body Area Networks (BAN), body nets
  • Wearable and implantable sensor and devices
  • Multi-sensor data and information fusion
  • Mobile health technologies (mHealth)
  • Accuracy, reliability, security, protection, identity, privacy of diagnoses and data
  • Big data analytics in healthcare
  • Data Integrity, Data Integration, Case-Based Reasoning
  • Real-Time Health and Clinical Decision Making
  • Formalism for healthcare modeling and informatics solutions
  • Knowledge discovery and decision support
  • Applications in cardiovascular diseases
  • Informatics for chronic disease management
  • Applications of telemedicine on active and healthy ageing
  • Supportive technologies for adherence to medical plans
  • Challenges in telemedicine services and implementations

16.8. - 22.8.2015

Smolenice castle
Slovak republic